Thanks to Kroger Community Rewards Program, for every purchase you make at Kroger using your Kroger card (or alternate ID/phone number), Kroger will make a donation to S.P.O.T. to support our work with needy pets. All donations are provided courtesy of Kroger at no cost to you!
Signing up has no effect on normal Kroger Rewards card functions like discounts and fuel bonuses.


  • Go to  to create a Kroger Rewards account.
    • Sign up for a Kroger Rewards account by entering your email address and choosing a password.
    • You will get an email message to confirm creating your account.
  • Click "Edit Kroger Community Rewards Program Information" then enter your Kroger Rewards shopping card number or just use your alternate ID, which is your phone number.
    (You can also sign up for a Kroger Rewards card now if you do not have one yet.)
  • For our organization, enter "Saving Pets One at a Time"
    or our Kroger Community Rewards Program ID number QN378.
  • To verify successfully signing up, you will see "Saving Pets One at a Time" on the right side of the information page. And a note will appear at the bottom of every receipt every time a donation is made.
  • Signing up to donate remains effective for one year. After that you may choose to donate to us again on


Thanks Kroger!


Thank you for taking the time to donate!


Kroger does not tell us who is donating
so feel free to send us a message to tell us that you signed up.

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