Donation Information

How to donate to S.P.O.T.

S.P.O.T. is a 501(c)(3) registered non-profit organization.


Donate with PayPal



Donate by mail

To donate by mail, mail your check made out to S.P.O.T. to

Box 494
Stockport, OH 43787



Donate for free using your Kroger Rewards card

Kroger now allows you to help S.P.O.T. every time you shop at your favorite Kroger store.

We are registered with the  Kroger Community Rewards program, so for every purchase you make at Kroger using your Kroger Rewards card or using your phone number, Kroger will donate a fraction of the cost of the purchase to S.P.O.T. to support our work with needy pets. Signing up is easy and costs nothing. Donations are provided courtesy of Kroger. Signing up does not affect regular Kroger Rewards card functions like discounts and fuel rewards bonuses.

There is a note on every Kroger receipt about the charity you are donating to while the donations are occurring. Signing up to donate continues the free donations for one year after which you have to sign up again to continue donating. 

Signing up is easy. Click here for directions.



We are listed on "Network For Good," but please do not donate through them. They make it easy to donate, but they take 4.75% of donations by card and $10 from donations from bank accounts. Their rates are extorionate.


Box 494 •  Stockport, OH 43787 susan [ at ]